Shell releases PR masterpiece on Karoo shale gas

Royal Dutch Shell send their team around the Karoo to win the hearts and minds. A masterpiece of PR on the back of a huge budget. It is rumoured that their ‘Community Liaison Officers’ earn R420 000 per annum! TKAG will present a low budget alternative.

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  1. Well they (Shell) admit there’s a long way to run. They don’t mention where the water used in the fracking process is to come from. I’ve heard sea water from the coast… via pipeline? Bursting pipelines of salt water on the landscape? There is no guarantee at this point that the process although 2 kms down will not find it’s way to the surface in time, 1 year or 40, and cause untold harm to the agricultural production. The saddest thing is using the promise of supplying jobs for the poor and uplifting their lives, which is a blatant false hope, as there are no figures of job creation to support this especially for unskilled people who make up the poor, and this kind of technology is hi-skilled…
    The spin is cleverly done, but not believable or convincing as it uses emotion rather than hard proven facts and references to fracking operations that have been used elsewhere in the world.
    Why don’t they use this energy and finance to use the sun’s energy directly – that is clean, and build many hi to low level dams for energy storage through water turbine generation to boost the grid. That will provide plenty of labour work as well!

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