Shell Chief Technology Officer admits to deformed well casings in China

While Shell South Africa executives have been blowing their trumpets about ‘global standards’ and ‘doing things right’ and that ‘polluting events are caused by the smaller fly-by-night companies’ their record NOW in China belies their claims of how good they will be in SA and how they will ‘make an ecological example of the Karoo.’
Question for Shell SA: “Are you using sub-standard techniques and materiel in China because you don’t care, or is this the best you have?”
“The rock itself in China is more difficult to extract gas from. There are high underground stresses, and Shell experienced some deformed well casings early in China drilling, according to a March paper published by Shell employees. “In general, you have to drill deeper” in China to reach shale gas, said Shell Chief Technology Officer Gerald Schotman” –

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