South African public starts to speak on shale gas regs

It would appear that the DMR authorised by the government will be getting much more of this:

From: David Lipschitz <>
Date: 16 October 2013 07:00
Subject: David Lipschitz’ comments on South African Government Gazette NOTICE 1032 OF 2013 in relation to Hydraulic Fracturing

The Director General: Mineral Resources Attention: Dr. Thibedi Ramontja
Dear Dr Ramontja
I look forward to your reply and comments.
Section 35, 3, b: “conduct operations in a manner that does not pose risk to public health, life, property and the environment”. I don’t see how this is possible! Perhaps the Minister (Ms Susan Shabangu, MP, Minister of Mineral Resources) can explain?
Section 38: “Protection of Water Resources: No well must be drilled within 1 kilometre of any wetland and the edge of the disturbed area of any well site must maintain a 500 metres setback from the boundary of the wetland.” I don’t see any provision for the Land Owner, eg not drilling within site of the owner’s home would be great; and not drilling within 1 kilometer of any water resource that the farmer or Land Owner might be using, including ponds. Also the underground “horizontal well” should not pass under this water! Why has this been ignored?
See example photo attached ( Would President Zuma be happy to have this 500 foot (165 meters) from his house in Nkandla?
I would also like every member of the cabinet at the time this bill is promulgated to sign a PERSONAL SURETY, JOINTLY AND SEVERALLY, in case anything goes wrong with any well that is not fixed by the miner, within 90 days after any leak or problem and for a period of 100 years from the time the well is sunk! Every private person starting a business or opening a business bank account in South Africa has to sign a surety with their bank and suppliers to ensure that if something goes wrong, the bank can attack the person’s personal assets. If the member of cabinet has a trust, then the cabinet minister should sign a surety of up to R50 million of the Trust or 50% of the Trust’s value, whichever is higher! Will this be done?
Please acknowledge receipt of this email.
Yours sincerely,
David Lipschitz
PO Box 1080
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