Shale gas industry shedding jobs in the US

Did you know? As at 29 Sep 2013 there were 163 less drilling rigs operating in the US than at 31 December 2012. Wonder where ALL THOSE JOBS WENT TO?  Guess if fracking production does start here there may be some VERY red faces in the plush carpet halls of big oil n gas and government.

Chesapeake laying off 800 workers companywide

Chesapeake Energy CEO Doug Lawler promised that his “transformation teams” would complete their personnel evaluations, designed to get the company down to where it needed to be “competitive” by November 1.

Transformation took less time than Lawler projected, as Tuesday, the former Anadarko Petroleum executive revealed 800 employees “were informed today that they will be leaving the company,” according to a companywide email.

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  1. Excellent !!!!! the more negative news that comes through regarding shale gas the better, and with the SA government wanting to take a big cut of the profits, will hopefully discourage oil companies from wanting to exploit the karoo. So if Shell is regretting its shale gas ventures what do they still want with our Karoo, send them packing back to where they came from. Or, here’s a novel idea Shell, if u want to do something good for the environment, for once, and build up a good name with the public start investing some of the trillions of dollars you have made over the decades, investing in renewable energy plants.

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