Shell shutting down more than 200 wells in the US

While SA pro-frackers laud the economic benefits of shale gas in the Karoo, Shell abandons 200 inactive wells and reduces its rig count to just 2.

Posted: Friday, November 8, 2013 9:05 pm

By AMANDA NICHOLS Era Reporter | 0 comments

Shell Appalachia will be plugging more than 200 wells near the New York state border, while at the same time increasing its output to local oil refineries.

All 200 of the wells to be plugged were acquired by Shell through its 2010 purchase of East Resources and are located in the Limestone, N.Y. area, where they will cut their rig-count down to two as a result, according to Deb Sawyer, communications business advisor for Shell Oil.

“If a well remains inactive for more than a year, state regulations require that we plug and abandon the wells,” Sawyer told The Era as a reason for the abandonment program.

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