Co-director of FrackNation caught lying about fracking

Co-director of FrackNation caught lying about fracking

Does the director of FrackNation or his film still have any credibility left in SA?

Jonathan Deal

The film FrackNation flighted to sparsely populated cinemas in Cape Town and Johannesburg by Ivo Vegter was co-directed by Phelim McAleer. The film, unsurprisingly hailed by the oil and gas industry as a factual and honest representation of fracking, may lose some of its support in the light of this literary comedy posted by McAleer in August 2013.

My response addresses McAleer’s text – point by point.

(See update at end of article)

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Ten big fat lies about fracking



The director of FrackNation explodes the myths put about by fracktivists.

Phelim McAleer, an Irish filmmaker based in America whose pro-fracking movieFrackNation is described by the New York Times as ‘meticulously researched and provocative’, has had his fair share of run-ins with ‘fracktivists’. Here, he picks apart the 10 biggest lies told by the anti-fracking lobby.

1) Anti-fracking activists are nice people who love debate


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  1. Thanks you for your bravery for posting this. All fracking truth tellers are demonized by Pro-Gas groups and propagandists like Phelim. In my case, one looked up my address and described my house to me as a way of threatening me … very vicious. I hope you might keep in touch with me, we are working to raise the voices of the truth tellers about fracking. Blessings to you, Hope.

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